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Eviction Free SF* (or members) in the News

Protesters rally in Tenderloin against Section 8 tenant evictions – SF Examiner (5/1/14)

Tenants seek support for tax measure – Bay Area Reporter (5/1/14)

Using technology to tell evicted tenants’ stories (audio) – KALW Public Radio (4/29/14)

SF Tenants Crowd City Hall to Rally Against Evictions – Mission Local  (4/27/14)

Confronting the SF Association of Realtors – SF Indybay.org (4/23/14)

S.F. tenants’ rights activists demonstrate outside the Marin home of alleged ‘serial evictor’ – Marin News (4/19/14)

Tensions Build In San Francisco Amid Tech Boom (audio) – WBAA Radio (NPR member) (4/16/14)

Stop the eviction of Benito Santiago – SF Bay Guardian (4/15/14)

Tech Boom Forces a Ruthless Gentrification in San Francisco – Newsweek (4/15/14)

Google Bus Protest Organizer: “We’ll Take It to Their Homes” – Recode.net (4/11/13)

What happens when you google the word “eviction”? – Salon.com (4/11/14)

Google Lawyer evicting third-grade teacher – 48Hillsonline.org (4/11/14)

Protesters Block Another Google Bus In SF Ahead Of March Against Evictions (video) – CBS 5 (4/11/14)

Another Google bus blockade, this time targeting a Google employee – SF Bay Guardian (4/11/14)

Protesters Take To San Francisco’s Mission District … Against Ellis Act Evictions (audio) – KCBS Radio (4/2/14)

Silicon Valley vs. the 99% (video) – Fox Business News (4/2/14)

Facebook:  March on Vanguard Properties (video) – (4/2/14)

Ellis Act Eviction Protest in the Mission – SF Examiner (4/2/14)

San Francisco Residents Rally to Save Special Ed Teacher from Eviction (audio) – KGO Radio (4/2/14)

Eviction Protest Marches to Vanguard’s Doors – Mission Local (4/2/14)

Fatal Police Shooting Raises Questions, SF Neighborhood Seeks Answers – KQED News (3/31/14)

How private tech industry buses became a symbol of the economic divide in SF (vIdeo) – PBS KQED (3/18/14)

The Downtrodden Landlord – The New Yorker (3/14/14)

Search Outside Yourself: Google Misses a Lesson in Wisdom 101 – Huffington Post (3/5/14)

A protest targets the ‘serial evictors’ – 48hillsonline.org (2/27/14)

Voices: An anti-tech backlash in San Francisco – USA Today (2/19/14)

San Francisco housing crisis: tech companies held to blame – Channel 4 News (2/19/14)

Rabblerousers drag Google down from astral plane – SF Bay Guardian (2/18/14)

Protesters interrupt Google talk at Wisdom 2.0 conference – Tech Chronicles (2/17/14)

Liberated Ads Confront San Francisco Eviction Crisis – Indybay.org (2/12/14)

Citywide tenant convention: “This is the start of a movement”  – 48hillsonline.org (2/10/14)

Fighting evictions – at all levels – 48hillsonline.org (2/5/14)

From AIDS to housing crises, they’ve seen it all: Castro’s long-time residents fight to stay – KALW Radio (2/3/13)

Campos proposal aims to help evicted stay in S.F. – SFGate (2/3/14)

Public outrage over Google buses in San Francisco – PSLweb.org (1/30/14)

Open Letter to the Community from the Heart of the City Collective by Erin McElroy – Indybay.org (1/27/14)

Google drives home dividing line in San Francisco – Deutsche Welle: DW.de (1/17/14)

SF plans to charge tech buses for using Muni stops in pilot program – SF Examiner (1/6/14)

SF Protesters Block Apple Bus to Demonstrate Against Evictions… – iClarified (12/21/13)

Protesters block Apple, Google buses in San Francisco area – Reuters (12/20/13)

Tenants Facing Ellis Eviction Greeted with Baseball Bat at Landlord’s Office – Indybay.org (12/18/13)

SF Mayor Addresses Lack Of Affordable Housing With Construction Push (video/audio) – CBS Bay Area (12/18/13)

Protestors fight against evictions by Kaushik Dattani in San Francisco (photos) – Demotix (12/18/13)

Eviction Free San Francisco [MARCH] – Latin Bay Area (12/18/13)

Rally Today Against Urban Green, Ellis Act Eviction Speculators  – BeyondChron.org (12/10/13)

Q & A: The Eviction Stencils – SF Gate (12/7/13)

Interview with Carmen of Eviction Free San Francisco – Indybay.org (11/21/13)

Fil-Am activists slam Twitter, SF officials for wave of low-income evictions – Inquirer.net (11/9/13)

Twitter’s I.P.O. Draws Protesters to Company’s San Francisco Offices – NY Times Bits Blog (11/7/13)

Judge halts PWA’s eviction – Bay Area Reporter (10/31/13)

Court Quashes Eviction of Longterm Castro Tenant Jeremy Mykaels – BeyondChron.org (10/24/13)

End of an Era? – Castro Courier (Oct. 2013 issue)

Activists travel to Atherton to Protest Castro Eviction – Bay Area Reporter (8/15/13)

KPFA report– starts at 15:50 and goes for about 3 minutes (8/10/13)

Tenant defenders, hate-free billboards and budget hackers – SF Bay Guardian (8/7/13)

‘Eviction-Free Summer’ Campaign Protests Landlord Over Mission District Evictions – Fog City Journal (7/3/13)

“Eviction Free Summer” activists show up outside a landlord’s office to protest ... – SF Bay Guardian (7/3/13)

 * Formerly Eviction Free Summer