Bathroom Renovation Ideas for A Spa-like Retreat

When we think about home decor, it’s usually our living room that springs to mind at first. This seems like a natural choice, since that is the room we spend most of our conscious time in. However, if your living room is fine and you’d like a different kind of remodeling, you should opt for the bathroom. It is one of the most neglected rooms in the house and completely unjustly. Your bathroom time is alone time and often it is a time to relax. Sometimes it’s the only alone time we get during the day. This is why it would be great if we spent it in a more relaxing environment than our same old generic bathroom.

Make it natural


It is known that natural motifs have a therapeutic effect on people, which is why you should consider redecorating your bathroom into something that looks a bit more like a natural resort with a pond instead of a tub. It can look really amazing. Stone floors tend to sustain humidity better than wooden surfaces, but you can throw in some flower pots and put palm trees in them, as it will create a seaside atmosphere. If you combine it with a hot tub that imitates a pond, you’ll get yourself a nice little getaway in your own bathroom. When it comes to details, anything from summery wallpapers to fountains and aquariums is allowed.

Make it functional

As much as you try to beautify the place and make it as Zen as possible, there are some priorities. For instance, nothing disrupts your Zen mode like an annoying leaky faucet or a horribly blocked toilet. This is why the first thing everyone must do before they start redecorating is getting experts to check your plumbing. Your bathroom may need some fixing or pipe relining in case something happens to be wrong. If so, there’s no better time than before you redecorate to fix all the glitches. 

Make it elegant


Different people have different visions of relaxation and that is completely natural. While some are natural types, others may be terrified of nature, bugs and dirt and their happy place may just be something very indoorsy and clean. Having that in mind, another way to redecorate your bathroom is to make it minimalistic and dark. Dark blue or even black tiles will class your bathroom right up and make you feel like royalty once you’re in it. Moreover, this style is very trendy, so everyone will envy your fashionable bathroom. 

Make separate zones

Trying to relax and unwind inside the tub may be a bit more difficult once your view is fixed on the toilet, for instance. This is why spa bathrooms look different than regular ones. Naturally, a bathroom in a person’s home must contain the toilet, as well, or they can be in separate rooms, but that really complicates the plumbing and space planning. Instead, you can solve your issues by placing a fake wall that will physically separate the toilet area from the bathing area. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy your baths at your happy place without any distractions and disturbance. 

All things considered, it is your bathroom, you can do anything you like and your family members agree to. First take care of the hygiene and functionality and everything else can be managed at your own pace and on your terms. So, as crazy as it sounds, if it makes you happy and relaxed, go for it. Create a bathroom where you’ll feel utterly at peace. The idea is to forget where you are and be able to be in the moment and forget all your troubles.