How Is Italy So Healthy

Italy is widely known as the healthiest country in the world. While you know that it is also the land of pizza, there are many factors that make Italy the healthiest country in the world. The eating habits of a person determine the extent to which they will be healthy. The type of foods that one eats also determines their health.

Most of the diseases that people from currently across the world are as a result of the foods they consume or their eating habits. The reasons why this country continues to have healthy people include the following:

Most of the Italians take pasta on a daily basis


As opposed to other culture across the world, Italians have a habit of taking pasta every day. Those who take pasta on a daily basis have lower chances of becoming obese compared to those who skip many days before they take it. The Italians have assimilated it into part of their eating culture. It is the reason why there are few cases of obesity in Italy compared to America where majority of the people take pasta 2-3 times a week. click for more info on this topic.

Italians take the Mediterranean diet

The diet that one consumes also determines the type of health they will have. Italians focus on consuming vegetables, legumes, and fruits which have more benefits compared to the preserved foods that people from other countries consume.

Preservatives are majorly chemicals and this implies that they also have effects on the body. By embracing the Mediterranean diet, the Italians avoid the diseases that may come with the consumption of such chemicals.

Italians take heavy meals for lunch while smaller ones for supper

The Italians have a culture of taking larger meals and lunch and smaller ones at night. Medically, this is the way any healthy human being should take their meals.


The body needs a lot of energy during the day and that is why having a heavy meal is reasonable. At night, the body is going to rest and there is no need for a heavy meal. The excess fats are results of unused energy at night which results to obesity. The culture is not in practice in other countries across the world.If you’ve been wondering why Italians are healthy, these are some of the reasons.