How To Wear Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator sandals are perceived to be ancient footwear but they are still edgy and classy in the current fashion world. While they are comfortable, pairing then correctly with casual wear is still challenging to some people. Although there are different types to choose from.

Some are knee-length while others only reach that ankles. This makes it easier to pick out a desired pair and style it with different types of clothing.

Knee-length gladiator sandals

The knee-length gladiator sandals are more suitable for ladies who have long legs. They are also great when paired with short dresses or shorts.


You have to make sure you choose the perfect color to not only match your dress but also to enhance your body features. For example, white sandals or nude and metallic ones tend to make legs look longer and should only be worn if you intend to create that effect. You can Get More Information about how to pair your gladiator sandals,

Ankle length gladiators

These are more suitable for people with short legs. Since they are available in different colors, you can easily find one that is closer to your skin tone. The straps of these shoes also differ which means you’ll easily find one that is more suitable for your feet.

For instance, if you have small feet you can wear sandals that have thinner straps because they tend to make feet look wider.

Those who have wide feet can also choose horizontal stripes instead of vertical one because the latter tend to enhance the feet thereby making them look wider.



When buying gladiator sandals, it’s important to choose comfortable ones. Make sure the soles aren’t too thin and you can easily take them off especially if you’ll be required to so. Places like airports may have you taking off your shoes at security checks. If you intend to wear sandals with a dress, choose those with heels. Remember that gladiators are “versatile”. You can create your style with them but just make sure you look good.