We recognize that organizing and direct action pressuring landlords, speculators and banks to stop the evictions of our neighbors from their homes is only one of ways to stop evictions and displacement.  We recommend tenants use any way that might protect their housing.  Below is a list of other amazing groups that may be able to explain your rights, help you organize with your neighbors or file legal paperwork to stop or slow down an eviction.

Housing Rights Resources in SF

For Tenants:
If you have received an eviction notice:
*Eviction Defense Collaborative
Go to their office right away if you have received a: “Summons & Complaint For Unlawful Detainer,”
995 Market St., Suite 1200 (at 6th Street)

*Housing Rights Committee (habla espanol)
417 South Van Ness (at 15th) or call 415-703-8644
(Including if you live in a HUD building or receive Section 8)

*SF Tenants Union
Drop-in self-help counseling
558 Capp St (at 21st)