What Is The Main Purpose Of Team Building?

For a project or task to be successful, there are various things required. The components of a successful project include;

-Clearly defined goals and objectives that are achievable.
-Well illustrated work plan.
-A motivated and united group of team members.
-Visionary team leader.

With the above, a project can be easily tackled and become successful or at least the objectives and goals of the project are attained. Creating achievable goals & objectives and coming up with a work plan is a simple task that only required a team of focused people or people that understand the mission and vision of the organization in relation to the project at hand but creating unity among a group of youths or adults is not a simple task. You will require the magic of team building.

What is team building?


recommended you read, Team building is a term that can be defined in various ways depending on the context. However, we can simply define team building as the process of creating a functional group of individuals from a diverse population in an attempt to create a focused team to work on a project together.

Almost all organizations and committees are made up of people from very different backgrounds. This makes it had to bring all the unique skills from these individuals towards achieving a similar goal because of barriers such as;

-Work roles and boundaries.

Team-building is aimed at creating trust among a given group by letting the group know each other in a more open than controlled manner. When the group knows each other, they begin to understand and care about each other, creating a mutual friendship that is necessary for their cooperation when working together.


Team building also improves communication between the group members through tasks aimed at enhancing active listening, problem-solving, questioning assumptions, giving clear directions/instructions and asking practical questions. Communication barrier will easily kill project implementation.

Finally, team building helps draw the boundaries in the group. For a project goal to be achieved, every party involved must have their clearly stated roles. The inter-relationship between the roles of each group member must also be created for a common and effective end product (results).