What Is Considered An Unattended Death

Not everyone dies in a hospital, or at home with loved ones by his side. When a person is alone when his life ends, there can be additional complications.

Complications Of Dying Alone

If a person dies alone, and he is not under a doctor’s care, the cause of death may not be apparent. This complication can be worse if the body is not found for a period of time. The body can decompose, so it is not recognizable.

Cleaning House

Whether death is due to natural causes, suicide, or a crime, unattended death cleanup is often necessary. There can be bodily fluids and tissues, a decaying human body, and bacteria from the intestinal tract. Not only is a death scene distressing, there can be many health hazards, and not all of the hazards are visible.

Why Choose A Cleanup Service?

It may be assumed family members are responsible for cleaning up after a loved one has died unexpectedly, but this is usually not the best solution. A professional cleanup service is a better approach.

The distress over viewing a decomposing body is only one reason, but it is an important reason. No one should go through the traumatic experience of cleaning up after a decomposed body if the body was someone they loved.

Second, it is hazardous. Even after the body has been removed, bacteria and other pathogens remain at the scene. As some of these hazards can become airborne, they can affect more than the specific spot where the person died. Only a trained professional can safely remove all of the hazards.

crime scene inside a House

While this is important regardless of where the death occurred, it is essential if the person died in his own home or someone else’s home. Professional cleaning can restore it to a safe, healthy environment.

Whenever a death is unattended, family members should not be encouraged or pressured into cleaning up the scene. Regardless of the cause of death, it is cruel, ineffective, and dangerous. When a professional cleanup service is hired, there will be expert results without unnecessary complications.