Top 4 Tips for a Summer Cocktail Party

Throwing a summer cocktail party is a great way to hang out with friends but also to meet new people. However, planning a memorable cocktail party requires meticulous organisation and plenty of preparation. From thinking about creative beverages to offering yummy snacks and making sure everybody is having a good time, there are a few tips which will help you plan a fabulous cocktail shindig everyone will talk about for months. 

Prepare food in abundance

Offering plenty of delicious food is the number one rule when it comes to successful party organisation. Yummy appetizers are great conversation starters and your guests will need something to keep their stomachs full because they’ll be indulging in some refreshing cocktails too. Consider an array of hors d’oeuvres such as finger foods, healthy bites like carrots and celery, crackers, dips and anything else that you may think your guests will enjoy. Some of the wonderful appetizer choices include sweetie meat bites, roasted beet bruschetta on endive with caramelized walnuts, alongside crackers, tapenade, seafood, meat selections, canapés as well as hot and cold dishes.

Mix refreshing cocktails



A cocktail party requires cocktails in abundance, so you should think about preparing your icy mixes in advance. Running out of drinks is the biggest party faux pas so don’t risk leaving your guests high and dry but mix up lots of liquor. If you have a well-stocked bar, you can even offer your guests the option to pick out their own drinks. On the other hand, mixing refreshing gin cocktails and allowing everyone to pour however much they can drink is another great option. To ensure some extra refreshment to your guests, consider having frozen cocktails such as ice-lollies spiked with gin and keep your guests cool at all times. 

Have plenty of ice ready

Speaking of cool, don’t forget to prepare plenty of ice to keep the drinks refreshing at all times. Cocktails will only taste delicious if they’re cool enough, so make sure you’re never out of ice. You’ll need ice to chill bottles of beer, wine and champagne alongside serving drinks on the rocks. One of the options is to have nugget ice, and if you’re a regular party host, get a nugget ice maker and never worry about having plenty of ice in stock. Normal ice cubes or clear gourmet ice would do the trick as well allowing your guests to always have their gin cocktails and wine cool and refreshing. You can also make your own ice by filling loaf pans and other large containers with water. After it’s been frozen solid, cut the large ice piece into smaller blocks for individual serves. Alternatively, you can add a whole block to a punch bowl and keep the cocktail cool for much longer. 

Plan for good music


Every party needs a good vibe, and music is precisely the biggest factor in creating a welcoming ambience. Therefore, instead of coming up with all the music playlists on your own, allow everyone to participate in setting the mood and play a few of their favourite tunes. That way, no one will be able to say that the music was not good because they’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the songs they like the most.

Final thoughts

In order to host a fabulous cocktail party, you’ll need to remember a few essential tips. Stock up on foods and drinks and make sure you’re never out of ice. Offer a variety of food and drink choices to make sure everyone can enjoy the drink and a snack of their choice. Allow everyone to incorporate their favourite tunes into the shindig and a good time will be guaranteed.