Bedroom Essentials for a Cold Winter

Hot cocoa, fluffy warm covers and your comfy bed sound like an idyllic setting when the snow covers the street. However, in order to make your bedroom extra cosy and winter-ready, you’ll need to upgrade the décor and bed essentials. From getting furry rugs to warm fuzzy covers and thick duvets, you’ll need to bring bedroom décor to an entirely new level. Look what we think would be amazing and have a warm and cosy winter.

Decorate with rugs

Whether you have tiles or hardwood floors in your bedroom, the interior won’t be as warm and inviting without rugs. Make sure you invest in colours and patterns that would fit into your room’s décor nicely and offer both an aesthetically beautiful feel and the needed warmth during cold winter months. No need to stop with just one, but go a step further and if you have a large bedroom, match several smaller rugs to create an innovative interior and add extra warmth.

You’ll need a warm bed


Staying in bed for a bit longer in the morning, or deciding to take a power nap after work should be a warm and fuzzy feeling in the cold winter days. That’s why you’ll need a warm bed to sleep in. In the sea of warm fabric beds, look for the one that will go best with your bedroom décor but also the one that will be good for your back and good night’s sleep. Instead of cotton sheets, switch to flannel which will give you better insulation than “smoother” sheet options. If the nights get chillier than usually, flannel will trap the heat in, keeping you warm all night long.

Add fluffy throw pillows

Afternoon resting will never be cold again if you fill your bed with throw pillows. Not only will they look cute and inviting, but they’ll add just enough warmth to keep you comfortable. A couple of extra furry fluffy decorative pillows alongside rich thick covers and throw blankets will add a luxuriously comfy finish to your big cosy bed. 

Layer up covers

If you’ve already opted for flannel sheets, a cosy comforter or quilt will be a nice addition to your bed. A down blanket or coverlet will provide an extra layer of warmth if you don’t want to spend too much money on heating. Consider a folded blanket or two at the foot of the bed as well, and keep your feet warm when you decide to rest in your comfy bed after lunch. When the winter comes, it’s time you swap your all-season duvet for a heavier-weight one. Invest in a quality duvet that will offer ample warmth while maintaining breathability. To step up your covers game, toss a fur or wool throw across the footboard. Aside from making you feel physically warm, a furry throw will also add a luxe visual warmth to your bedroom.

Seal the windows


If your home has old windows, make sure you check for any cracks that could potentially let the cold air inside. Without good window insulation, you’ll never be as warm as you’d like so if you don’t plan on installing the new windows, be sure to seal all the cracks. Use insulation tape or rubber sealing to safeguard your home and prevent cold air from flowing through the gaps and make your home less comfortable during winter months.

Final thoughts

Staying warm is of great importance during winter. You want to feel cosy in your bedroom no matter the time of the day, so it’s essential that you step up your cover and décor game. Invest in warm modern rugs, add plush pillows and comfy covers, invest in a warm bed and don’t forget to check if all the windows are gap-free to enjoy winter in your warm bedroom.