Exterior Updates You Should Consider

When thinking about renovating their home, most people stick to the interior space, leaving the exterior sometimes unfinished or too cluttered. All outdoor renovation projects are serious tasks you have to plan carefully and know what you’re doing in order to make sure you’ve paid enough attention to all the parts of your exterior space. Even some small upgrades can completely change the look of your backyard and make your family spend more time outdoors and enjoy the space you’ve created for them. Whether you’re working with a big backyard where you have enough space for everything you’ve ever wanted, or have a small and cozy outdoor space, there are few things you can do in order to create a great outdoor living space.

Start by decluttering everything


We all have a tendency of keeping things we don’t plan on using and that always ends up in a cluttered space we can’t actually use for anything. That’s why you should start your exterior upgrading project by going through everything you keep in your backyard and your garage and throwing away the things you don’t need or haven’t used in the last year. Everything you keep as family memories can be properly packed and stored in your attic, leaving you the exterior clean and tidy. This can be done as a family project and everyone can express their opinion on whether to keep something or not. This way, you’ll teach your kids the true value of all the things you keep. See what you can give to your friends and family because the things you don’t use can be of great value to someone else.

Pay attention to the greenery


No matter if it’s the lawn, the trees or the plants you have around your home, if your greenery isn’t well-maintained, the whole outdoor space will look like a mess. Start by mowing the lawn, thus immediately changing the look of your backyard and giving you a chance to see what you’re actually working with. Trim the hedges, help them grow even more than before, and shape them so that they accentuate certain parts of the backyard. Apart from that, you should consider planting flowers and plants and even thinking about a herb garden which can be quite practical and beautiful.

Design an outdoor lounge

Once your backyard is ready and upgraded, you’ll want to spend more time there, and the best way to feel comfortable is by adding a small outdoor lounge. If you have a deck, that could be the perfect place to add some comfortable seating arrangements, and all you’ll need to do is to throw in some pillows and a blanket for those chilly summer nights. To make sure you can spend some quality time outside even if it’s sunny or raining, think about adding practical shade sails that will provide you cover from different weather conditions. 

Invest in an outdoor cinema

This is another great idea that doesn’t have to be too expensive or complicated to turn into reality. Organizing a movie night in your backyard is quite easy is you have an outdoor cinema that will provide you, your family, and your guests countless hours of entertainment. Creating an outdoor cinema is surprisingly easy, and all you need is a powerful projector or a huge TV, a reliable video source, some pillows and blankets, a subtle lighting setup, and you’re good to go!


Although they may sound hard and challenging to pull off, these ideas are actually quite easy. That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid to invest time and energy into them as soon as possible, and you’ll fall in love with your outdoor space even more than before.