Is It Expensive To Play Golf

When you want to play golf, it will be within your budget, no matter its costs. The requirements for having golf like the tools, courses, fees, among others, are all in different levels and categories. It is one’s decision to select the one that suits the budget. So you need to know that golf is not only meant for the rich but everyone. This chapter explains how you can play golf with your budget.

1. Equipment

For the beginners, select the cheaper material which is made of the iron, wood putter, since they are available at lower costs. If you need to have upgraded equipment. Then you can opt for woods and drivers, among others, that are a bit expensive.

2. Apparel


The apparel gloves made to stabilize the club grips of players are affordable in less than $25. There are golf gloves that protect the palms from any wounds that might be caused by friction when swinging using higher speed in the game. The shores are known to maintain the best footwork and reduce sleeping and are still available at a lower price.

3. Green Fees

The fees are also very different according to the golf location and time. As for pheonix golf packages, you can opt for them if you know your pocket will accommodate. Opt for simple municipal courses if you have a small budget, and you will pay less.

Opt for classes during the day to pay a small fee since they rise on weekends and in the mornings. There is membership offered by the clubs which can help reduce the green payable fees for one golf round, go for them.

4. Other fees

There are extra fees charged by these courses for the motor carts and full and also advanced tee time. Many courses have rental clubs that are cheaper, which you can opt to rent other than paying for these unnecessary extra costs.

5. Lessons


Most of the ranges and courses are qualified staff who can offer classes at a personal level with instructions about the course. These private sessions tend to be so expensive, according to the instructor and the available used facilities. Opt-out of these and go for public classes for a small budget.


Always whenever you have a little budget plan and wonder if golf is only for the rich, that’s not the case. Opt-in and enroll the golf classes and opt-in everything according to your budget since they are available at different costs.