How Long Is The Napali Coast Hike

How long is the NaPali Coast Hike? The NaPali coast hike is about 11 miles. It runs along the north shore starting from Keʻe Beach to Kalalau Valley. Many hikers who have been to the trail have named it the most beautiful. It trespasses stunning views of the surrounding areas. Apart from being the most beautiful hikes, it is also the most dangerous, according to some people.

You need to prepare well before you start the trail. To avoid incidences, you need to wear the right gear. Here are some of the tips which you can apply to make the 11 miles trail a remarkable experience:

Wear the right hiking boots

You need hiking boots to avoid incidences where you can be exposed to injury. There are several brands of hiking boots in the market; it is essential to carry out research and buy the best. The shoes should fit you well so that you can easily move around.


The hike could be dangerous if you did not prepare well. Eleven miles stretch can be along distance to walk. Try to prepare well for the adventure and it will be easy for you. You need to visit this website and get tips on how to prepare for the hike.

Prepare for the hike well

You need to carry a few items for the hike to be enjoyable. For example, you may need a hiking pole, water and snacks. Ensure you get a guide who will guide you through the hike if it is your first time.


You can make the hike a great place to enjoy your free time after you take time to prepare well. There are some hiking companies which can help you arrange for the outdoor adventure; you can work with them to make your NaPali hike stand out.