How to Plan a Catering Menu in 5 Steps

When you think of an event, what is the thing that is the most important? For some, it is the decor as that is the first thing that people see. For others, however, it is the bar as they will spend most of their time sipping on their favourite drinks. The truth is that both of these options are equally important for any event, and not only these two – what about the music, and more importantly, the buffet? You cannot organize an event without food, so you should always have this in mind – what kind of food you would like to feature, who will make it and how you will arrange it. Take a look at 5 steps to plan your catering menu for your event, and you will see that it is not very difficult and can be much fun.

1. Think of the budget

Before anything, you need to allocate the amount of money that you will invest in this endeavour. Remember that your budget will determine the type and the amount of food, so if you want something more exotic, you will have to open up a bit more. However, if you know where to buy your groceries for a lower price, you might be able to save some more money to spend on something original. Of course, there is always the question of the amount of food that you want. For example, you can have exotic meals made out of expensive ingredients served in amounts that will be just enough for everyone, but you can also opt for something much more affordable and have it in abundance.

2. The service style

However, the most difficult thing to do is to choose your serving style. There are so many different ways in which you can do this, that it is actually quite easy to get lost in the process. So, what you want to think about is the feel of your event, and once again, the budget. Sometimes the service style of the food will cost you extra bucks. However, what you can also do is turn to professionals. There are some amazing catering companies in NYC where this type of service is very popular and on the pro level for some time now. Such companies can help you out in whatever you might need, be it the selection of food to feature on the event or the way you will serve it.

Catering Menu

3. Know who’s eating

One thing that many forget is to pay attention to who is actually eating on the event. Vegetarian and vegan lifestyles are growing in popularity, so it is a must to have something that they will be able to eat. Also, see if there are any children among the invitees and have something prepared for them as well. These are important things to consider, yet many forget.

4. What’s fresh?

Even though this is not a must, it would be a great idea to go to the farmer’s market and see what is fresh at the moment. The fruit of the season is a great thing to feature in your dishes, or simply use them as a decor and a dessert for somebody who likes fruit. Choosing the season ingredients will make your menu much more interesting, fresh and full of flavour. After all, we do love fresh ingredients more than frozen ones, don’t we?

Catering Menu

5. The diversity of the desserts

This headline might sound like a sequel of Star Wars, but that only means that it’s THAT important. Yes, having different types of dessert is definitely something you want to have in mind. Not everyone eats cake, not everyone likes chocolate, so it would be good to have different desserts and different flavours. Something chocolate, something made of fruit, something made of both chocolate and fruit… the choices are endless. Opt for cakes, cupcakes, lollipops, whatever rocks your boat. 

Hopefully, this made the job of creating the catering menu easier for you. Following these 5 simple steps, thinking carefully about the people who will be eating the food and doing your best to arrange it nicely is all that matters. Bon appétit preparing this, as it doesn’t have to be a burden, but a fun time!