6 Tips to Help You Prepare for Your First Solo Motorcycle Road Trip

Planning your first solo bike road trip is exciting, but it’s also tiring to think about all the possible issues you might face along the way. Luckily, some of the more experienced bikers have shared some info about their first times, so that you wouldn’t repeat the same mistakes. We’ve outlined some advice that every experienced biker knows, but beginners tend to oversee.

Be prepared for natural hazards

If you plan on riding for more than a couple of days during unstable weather periods, then you should be aware that nature is unpredictable and can easily turn your wishful thinking into a notorious nightmare. Not getting wet during a sudden rain pour can be easily avoided with a raincoat, but you should definitely postpone your trip if rainy weather is expected for many days ahead. Driving in the rain isn’t safe, especially with many road hazards also on the way.

Dress for distress

Temperatures can also vary during the day and night, which is why you need to dress appropriately. Riding pants and a T-shirt will do for the hottest weather, but as soon as the wind starts, you are going to need that leather jacket every biker should have. Spare clothes are a must, so throw in a couple more T-shirts, and you’re good to go.

Get yourself some accessories

If you wish to be truly prepared for the ride, then accessorizing is not only a fashion issue. For the best accessory advice, you should probably ask the Australians. Bikes are continuing to be increasingly popular in Australia since petrol prices have steadied and car parking is becoming a bigger problem. Aussies love their bikes, which is why you can find some of the best motorcycle accessories on Central Coast. Whether it’s wheels and rims, suspension or spark plugs, Central Coast will definitely have what your bike needs for a great road trip.

Safety comes first

Some bike accessories are necessary for your safety; thus, you should do thorough research on which ones you need for the safest and comfiest ride. For example, if you are a Harley Davidson fan, you ought to know that their engines can be loud. This might be tolerable during a quick drive around the city, but if you plan on riding for a while, then you should get earplugs. Hand guards are also a good idea, and you mustn’t take off without a decent helmet and disc guards.

Light food and heavy drinks

If you’ve ever heard someone tell you not to go swimming for half an hour after eating, the same rule goes for the bike. You should avoid eating on the way and make long enough breaks to have time to eat. Heavy, greasy food will do you no good on any trip, especially not on a long one. As for water, you should always have lots of it on you. Hydration is essential if you plan on riding during the hottest hours, but it’s also necessary to have water with you in case your bike breaks down in the middle of nowhere. It can take hours for help to reach you, and that can be one hell of a problem if you don’t have any water.

Go nowhere without navigation

It’s easy for a first-time solo rider to get lost, even with thorough planning. No matter how carefully you’ve pre-studied the route, going on a road trip without a map or GPS is a huge mistake. GPS units can be fairly annoying for riders, and they can also distract them from the road, which is why offline Google Maps is a better option. You should be aware that electrical devices have their downfalls no matter how helpful they are, and this is why having a paper map is also a necessity. Be sure only to use all navigational tools only during breaks in order to avoid potential crashes.

Most importantly, don’t go anywhere without your ID and emergency contacts. Hopefully, if you follow these tips, you won’t need them and you will have a trip of a lifetime.