How To Increase Product Visibility And Sales On Amazon

How frequently do you hear about a new retailer list on Amazon using the expectation of creating a tidy amount, just to be let down by how gradually their inventory sells. Enticed by the absolute amount of shoppers visiting the Amazon’s websites globally, they are forgiven for believing a minuscule percentage of these buyers will certainly find and purchase their merchandise.

The Fact, however, is considerably different. List your stock Amazon is one part of this jigsaw–and a part of the procedure is committing to creating your goods visible to buyers and surpassing consumer expectations every possible.


Yes there are countless millions of buyers around Amazon, but there’s also a massive number of retailers selling them whom you have got to compete.

To make this article a great post to read, today we are going to examine the very first part of having your goods more visible to all those countless Amazon shoppers.

Optimize your products’ visibility via search

To Gradually market to clients, you have to guarantee they see your goods available and take part in whatever may make your product readily located on Amazon. To put it differently, you do not want customers searching for a needle in a haystack!



Whilst many clients do use the navigation instrument to browse stores and groups (myself included), the principal search bar stays by far the most frequent way of finding things on Amazon. Therefore, clients are placing their faith into Amazon’s capacity to discover the merchandise they’re searching for through search, which means you ought to take a search engine optimization strategy to your goods’ key words and optimize them so.

Price Optimization and Strategy

Earlier, we spoke about how important it’s to optimize your goods’ list for research visibility that helps buyers find your individual products a great deal more readily –

-but there’s far more involved in attaining the very first page of any purchaser’s hunt –the next significant element to check at is associated with embracing an aggressive pricing strategy for your merchandise.

Amazon Repricing Strategies

I wrote a bit for Tamebay describing why online retailers will need to adopt a repricing approach to succeed on Amazon. Buyers select Amazon because they anticipate it to deliver customer support, pricing and availability so Retailers who always excel in these areas may find themselves granted the Purchase Box or high positions in the ‘more purchasing choices’ listings at which clients see their merchandise.