Apr 09

Press Release: “March to End the Displacement of San Francisco’s Educators!” Friday, April 11th


Press Liaison(s): Diana Macasa // Sarah Sherburn-Zimmer

E-mail: dmacasa@gmail.com // fred@hrcsf.org

Keep Our Teachers: March to End the Displacement of San Francisco’s Educators!

When:  Friday, April 11th, starting at 5:00pm

Where:  Starts at the corner of 20th and Dolores St. and ending at 151 Duboce St. (march route and time line below)

Who:   Eviction Free SF, Chinese Progressive Association, Chinatown SRO Collaborative, Central City SRO Collaborative, North Beach Tenants Committee, BiSHoP (Bill Sorro Housing Program), Our Mission No Eviction, Senior Disability Action Network, and Causa Justa/Just Cause

Eviction Free San Francisco and allied housing rights activists will be marching to demand an end to displacement for San Francisco educators and students. Starting at the corner of 20th St. and Dolores St at 5:00pm, the march will stop at the homes of 4 different teachers who face eviction as well as Mission High School, where students who are also being evicted, will speak.

As more and more of our city gets bought up by greedy speculators and sold for a profit, we lose the important educators who are so fundamental in keeping our community functional and whole.

Benito Santiago, SF paraprofessional to special education students and tenant fighting his Ellis Act Eviction, voiced the reason he’s marching,“what happens to one teacher, one paraprofessional, or one student happens to us all.” He continued to say, “If we’re going to be called ‘United Educators of San Francisco’ then we have to be united because united we stand and divided we fall.”

Around 70% of SF teachers live in the city, however, that’s quickly changing as a recent report stated that teachers in San Francisco can no longer afford to buy a home in San Francisco let alone rent a home for current market prices. Additionally, only 25% of SF paraprofessionals live in the City as it has been increasingly difficult to live in SF on part time hours as rents continue to rise.

As Claudia Tinado, SF teacher and tenant who’s fighting her Ellis Act Eviction stated, “It’s really expensive to live in the city and if the school district is not willing to pay us a living wage, we really can’t afford to stay here, especially if big corporations continue to attack my space and others that live in my building.”

This march will be a family friendly where teachers, paraprofessionals, students and supporters will be demanding that greedy speculators and corporations stop the evictions of not only educators of San Francisco, but for everyone facing evictions.

Johnny, long-time SF resident and tenant fighting his Ellis Act eviction stated, “I don’t think speculators should be able to come into a neighborhood and buy a piece of property that is a rental property and then quickly evict everyone there to make a bigger profit. I think it’s unethical.”

Where we are marching and who we are marching for:

5:00 pm – Meet at 20th & Dolores Street

5:20 pm – 812 Guerrero St. – Claudia and Evan, two local teachers who are being Ellis Act Evicted.

5:45 pm – Mission High School – to show solidarity for teachers and students who are facing eviction.

6:30 pm – 55 Dolores St. – Sarah, a teacher, and her friend Mary, who will turn 98 are being Ellis Act Evicted by Urban Green

6:45 pm – 49 Guerrero St. – Mervyn, is also being evicted by Urban Green

7:00 pm – 151 Duboce St. – Benito, a special education teacher, is being Ellis Act Evicted.