Apr 12

A Tax Day For Justice: Call-In/Fax-in to Dirty Dozen’s Kaushik Dattani, Followed by Evening Picket, Tuesday, April 15th

tax-dayJoin Eviction Free San Francisco and the tenants’ justice movement in protest of one of San Francisco’s biggest serial evictors!
Kaushik “Kenny” Dattani’s greedy ways have earned him the notoriety of becoming of part of the Anti-Eviction Mapping Projects Dirty Dozen: http://antievictionmap.squarespace.com/dirty-dozen/. In his career as a landlord, he has ruthlessly evicted 25 of his units, and know he is after the home of long-term Mission residents Tom and Patricia!
t and pLet’s help keep our friends in their home by turning up the heat on Dattani. How are we going to do this? Hint: part of Dattani’s services is accounting. We thought that Tax Day, April 15, would be a great opportunity to encourage this landlord to do the right thing by backing off the eviction of Tom and Patricia. Tom and Patricia are being evicted by a serial speculator, responsible for evicting 25 buildings in San Francisco. Speculators, not individual landlords, are responsible fore most of the evictions in the City, and Kaushik Dattani and the Dirty Dozen are responsible fore more than their fair share!
So here is the plan:
 FAX, call, or e-mail  Dattani the following:
“”Hi, my name is______ and I am asking you today, Tax Day, to cease the eviction of your tenants at 3305 20th Street. I am aware that Tom and Patricia have been loyal, responsible, rent paying tenants, and that Patricia is living off of disability income and may not be easily rehoused. This is not right. Please, have a heart, and consider the people who will be hurt by this eviction if it continues to happen.”
Contacts are:
Phone: 415-546-1238           *            Fax: 415-546-1421           *           Email info@dattani.net
*ALSO GOING ON – Join us for leafletting at 2pm, and then a closing evening picket after work, starting at 5:30pm. Both event are going to happen outside of Dattani’s office: 3232 22nd Street, San Francisco, CA 94110
An Injury to one is an injury to all.