Apr 17

Patricia Kerman and Tom Rapp Continue Campaign to Save Their Home

tax day picket 4-15-14DOn the evening of April 15, 2014, Patricia Kerman and Tom Rapp led a group picket of about 40 people including members of Eviction Free San Francisco outside the office of their landlord Kaushik Dattani at 3232 22nd Street.
This picket culminated Patricia’s and Tom’s “Tax Day of Action,” the latest step in their campaign to save their home at 3305 20th Street, from which Dattani is evicting them after imposing the Ellis Act on August 16, 2013. Patricia has lived in her apartment for 27 years; roommate Tom for 15 years. Earlier in the day, Patricia, Tom, their friends and supporters called and faxed Dattani’s office demanding that he rescind the eviction and leafleted outside Dattani’s office in order to educate passer-bys about Ellis Act and other evictions and to encourage people to take action. Some of the contacted community members returned for the late afternoon picket, which grew in size as curious people joined in and became supporters.
Patricia’s and Tom’s landlord Kaushik Dattani is a serial evictor, who has used the Ellis Act on 24 households in the Mission District. He also purchased a building at 204-14 Capp Street in July 2013, where he has evicted at least two families, has harassed the others, and has failed to properly maintain and repair the property. The Anti-Eviction Mapping Project has named Dattani one of the “Dirty Dozen” of serial evictors: https://antievictionmap.squarespace.com/kaushik-m-dattani/.
Patricia’s and Tom’s “Tax Day of Action” follows other actions with Eviction Free San Francisco to campaign to reverse their Ellis Act eviction, including a rally outside Dattani’s office in late December and a spirited rally and march in late February. The linked article (https://evictionfreesf.org/?p=555) and video (https://evictionfreesf.org/?p=573) contain more details about the February event.
Patricia, Tom and Eviction Free San Francisco continue the struggle to fight this eviction this Saturday, April 19th at 11:30 AM when we will visit Dattani at his home in Mill Valley. Please join us. More information here: https://evictionfreesf.org/?ai1ec_event=from-doorstep-to-doorstep-housing-justice-brings-it-home-landlord-protest&instance_id=707.