Nov 12

Mary Phillips Gets To Stay!

Today, we found out that Mary Phillips won the right to stay and can continue living there under control for the rest of her life.
Mary Elizabeth Phillips Public Statement
“Mary Elizabeth Phillips has reached an agreement with Urban Green Investments that will allow her to live in her apartment for as long as she likes, through the end of her life. Mrs. Phillips appreciates the support she has received from the community over the past year, and she requests that interested people please respect her privacy so that she may peacefully enjoy her home. Thank you.”
She won because her and many of her neighbors fought. Her landlord, Urban Green Investments, speculators who owns buildings in Colorado, Hawaii, Oakland, Harlem, LA, bought over 30 apartment buildings in SF. They emptied almost most of them with buy out and threats and use of the Ellis Act. But tenants in five of those buildings fought back with Eviction Free SF and CCDC, with support from the lawyers at Tenderloin Housing Clinic and researchers at the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project. Not all of them won the right to stay, but a number of them did.
Some wins: DSC_0247Ron
• an entire building in North Beach that stuck together, protested and not a single tenant left until the landlord dropped the Ellis Act,
• in other buildings some tenants held on even though all of the neighbors moved and construction went on around them for months,
• Mary won because who after the multiple protest at the landlord’s office, and a call in to the company, had a feature story done about her by Kron4 news that hit the international press, people from all over the world called and emailed and pressured the company and the owners that tried to hide behind the scenes. She won because every fought with her.
Because Mary health is fragile, please do not try to contact her. You can send messages to her via Tenderloin Housing Clinics Law Office. Or you can join us at of the Eviction Free SF to make sure that other seniors aren’t evicted. Our next meeting is Nov 19 at 6pm at 417 South VanNess. Come at 5:30 if it is your first meeting.”