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Whether you are an EXECUTIVE, a secretary, or are interested in some other position, the job you want can depend on knowing your legal rights.

What Is Employment Discrimination?

In the state of Florida, there are a number of factors an employer cannot use to deny you a job that you are otherwise qualified for, nor to fire you if you already hold the job within his company.



An employer also cannot not deny you fringe benefits, promotions, training, or work assignments based on any of these factors.

These factors include:

: Age

: Marital Status

: Sex

: Race

: Color

: National origin

: Religion

: Handicap

In addition to these statewide factors, Miami-Dade County also provides employment protection for individuals in the LGBT category.

Many people misunderstand at-will employment. While an employer is not obligated to hire you, and does not need a reason to terminate your employment, he does not have the legal right to base either of these actions on any of these factors.

Have You Experienced Employment Discrimination?

Employment discrimination is not always clear. You may have had experiences in which you were led to believe you misunderstood, or that you were simply too sensitive. Some common examples can help you see if you have been treated unfairly.


Stay alert to questions and comments when you apply for a job. None of these factors should be addressed by the employer when you are interviewed. As examples, he cannot ask if you have children, what your plans are for childcare, what your spouse does for a living, or remark that you may be too old to do the job.

If you are already working, stay alert to incidents in which you are treated differently than others. Perhaps the employer advises all women to work together, or all employees of a certain background.

Perhaps your employer makes unflattering remarks or jokes about women, minorities, handicapped persons, or one of the other groups that describe you. Perhaps you have lost the job because you divorced or became pregnant.

What Can You Do About Employment Discrimination?

An employer’s legal right to hire and fire at-will does not include the right to discriminate. Whether you are sure you have been discriminated against, or need one of the best law firms in Miami to clarify your situation, call eddy marban law today. We can help you understand your rights, and take legal action against your employer if it is in your best interests.

Employment Equality In Miami, Florida

No one has the right to have every job they want. However, you do have the right to obtain and hold a job without discrimination. You have the right to equal treatment under the law.

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litigation and family attorneys

An employer is not obligated to like you, but he is obligated to treat you fairly. He cannot use at-will policies as an excuse to engage in employment discrimination. Your job is one of the most important things in your life. It is a means to support yourself and your family, and it should be a source of pride. You can call us for more information, and the legal assistance you deserve.