Boxycharm or Sephora Play: Which Beauty Box is Better?

The world of executive beauty subscription boxes has it all. You can access full-size or sample products only, skincare and/or makeup, quarterly deliveries and monthly subscriptions, and much more. There is nothing that beats going to a shopping extravaganza to Sephora and then purchases items that you do not require. Having a shopping extravaganza delivered to your doorstep and spending way less than you would have spent in a physical store for the same amount is a real deal.

With this, beauty subscription boxes come into play. The beauty boxes are a unique way of discovering new brands and determine whether you like an item before purchasing it at full price, especially when a person is extremely lazy to return the item to the shop. The good thing is that beauty boxes are always valued significantly higher than what most users pay. Therefore, it is possible to pay $20 for a beauty box that contains items worth $120. No one can say NO to such an excellent deal.

Additionally, subscription boxes typically ascertain that consumers will never have to run out of makeups whenever they need them. Customers will be provided with a continuous supply of new beauty products such as lipstick, mascara, moisturizer, and much more. With this, you will always be having a backup whenever you exhaust essential items. Signing to a subscription beauty box is similar to getting a birthday present each month.

Subscription to Beauty Boxes

Luckily, the most affordable beauty box retails at $5 to $10 per month, while the most expensive costs around $ 40 every month. The good thing is that you can cancel any subscription whenever you want. Here is the review of boxycharm.

Boxycharm Review

With Boxycharm beauty box, you will be getting a five full-size and luxurious travel-size items for a mere $21 every month alongside a retail value of over $100 and free shipping. You will be getting a good value of your investment. From makeup brushes, eyeshadow palettes to liquid lipsticks and much more, Boxycharm are the real deal for the beauty lovers.

The negative thing about Boxycharm is that it is costly. As with many subscription boxes, it is common for items and shades to vary and you can thus be provided with something that you don’t like. For the neutral makeup loving girls, the color selections are at times pretty dramatic.

Some users have complained of receiving Ofra liquid lipsticks that contains a color they have never heard of. In a month, you may find yourself giving away products too much just because you don’t love them. Thus, if you don’t have sufficient budget, you may just do away with this subscription.

Play! By Sephora Review

If Sephora is your second residence, then this is the best beauty box for you complete with lots of in-store member perks. Sephora Play is the favorite beauty box subscription to most customers. Every month, you will be offered five deluxe samples alongside a bonus fragrance for a mere $ 10. With this subscription, the samples will be provided to you in an attractive reusable bag.

sephora play beauty subscription box

Unlike Boxycharm, all the items you get are available at the Sephora store. With this, you can shop for your favorite items comfortably. You will be having access to your play account at all times if you install the Sephora app on your smartphone. It is easy because the products you receive are listed to Add to Basket or Buy Now.

Another plus with Sephora Play is that you receive a Play! Pass Card worth fifty beauty insider points every time you subscribe. However, the pass can only be redeemed in stores with a purchase and expires thirty days following the receipt.

Lastly, with the reviews above, Sephora is by far the best beauty box in comparison to Boxycharm. First, the items offered in Sephora subscription are both worthy and affordable. Thus, Sephora is the best as it is pocket-friendly as well.