Best Nigerian Movies in 2017

As the year is coming to the end, we get another list of the best movies that have been made in the year 2017, and this time we take on the best Nigerian movies. As the list has been quite big this year, with a rich and colorful content that has christened the Nigerian movie academy, we have gathered 5 movies that have made the best of the best list in our honest opinion. Even though Hollywood has been making an amazing comeback when it comes to box-office hits, with the new Star Wars and many Marvel movies, the Nigerian movies have been nominated left and right in the world as one of the prized possessions when it comes to cinematography.

We will be discussing movies like ‘Black Barbie directed by Comfort Arthur, then the famous ‘The Wedding Party’ which was directed by Kemi Adetiba, ‘Dinner’, a movie that was directed by the talented Jay-Franklyn Jituboh Slow Country which was directed and produced by Eric Aghimien and Green White Green, directed by Abba Makama.

In the 2017 Africa Movie Academy Awards (also known as AMAA) there were a total of 136, Nigerian movies made, and 43 got nominations in the competition of the general categories.

The famous and prestigious “people choice award” was funded and sponsored by the Angeniux manufacturer in high-quality optic cinema lenses.


The point of these organizations and gatherings is to showcase the best Nigerian movies to the world and to gather a larger audience that can appreciate quality films that are not made with the biggest budget like so many of them are in Hollywood.

The festival is accompanied by many professionals all over the world that come to view and rate the Nigerian cinematography scene. The Nigerian filmmakers are usually encouraged to send shorter films, many different animations and Nigerian television series as that will yield the highest chance of them getting noticed and those kinds of artistic cinematography expressions usually garner the largest crowd.

The latest Nigerian movies have always had a chip on their shoulder as they usually have to compete with the canes films as well as the Hollywood produced ones, but this year they have garnered enough support to hold their own Africa movie academy awards which will surely bring a prestigious ceremony for future cinematography events in Africa.

Our recommendations for Best Nigerian movies are as follows:

Black Barbie – Ghana – for the best-animated movie.

Legacy of The Hills Mali – for the best documentary

Bout – Nigeria – for the best short movie

Wedding party – Best romance and comedy genre

What Lies Within – for the best Nigerian drama thriller

Slow Country – as the best visual effects movie as well as the best action drama that came out of Africa in ages


We hope you liked our list and we would also like to hear some of your opinions on these movies or any other when you go and watch the movies in theaters, so make sure to join the discussion in the comments down below.