Do I Need A Divorce Lawyer?

This is the first question that people usually ask themselves when they decide to get a divorce. Hiring and not hiring a divorce lawyer each has its own advantages. But, it is up to you to decide whether you do or don’t need a lawyer. You should arrive at this decision after assessing your divorce situation, finances and a couple of other factors. At the end of the day, you need to ask yourself if it is possible for you to get divorced without a lawyer and the problems that might arise.

Below are the pros of both hiring and not hiring a divorce lawyer. But before we get to that, let’s first look at situations where you will need the help of a divorce lawyer.

Note that, a DIY divorce is a more viable option for a couple who are young, don’t have any kids and have been married for a few years.


Here are instances when it is mandatory for you to hire a divorce lawyer;

1. If one of the partners is financially dependent on the other.

2. There is involvement of massive financial issues such as business partnerships, pensions and a variety of assets.

3. Both of you share joint debts.

4. Instances when one partner feels that the other is hiding something.

5. When you are intending on getting a consent order to settle your financial claims.

6. When you are having child custody issues.

7. When one partner requires child support from the parent, who is a high earner.

8. You are a victim of domestic abuse.

A Scottsdale divorce lawyer can be of great benefit to you if you are going through any of the above situations. He/she can give you professional advice on how to go about your divorce.

That Aside, Below are the Benefits of Not Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

• You get to save money. This is one of the primary reasons as to why people don’t hire divorce lawyers. Going through a divorce is quite expensive. Hiring a lawyer is an additional expense. Therefore if you can solve the divorce amicably, then this can help you save a substantial amount of money.

Divorce Agreement Form And Figures Of Couple. Separation Process

• Not hiring a lawyer also gives you the opportunity to be in control of your divorce. You will, however, have to familiarize yourself with your state’s divorce laws.

• In some instances, you may settle the divorce sooner. There are some lawyers who may knowingly opt to prolong your legal issues so that they can earn more from you.

What about The Pros of Hiring a Divorce Lawyer?

• A divorce lawyer will ease the burden of divorce from you. He/she will represent you in court, file legal documents and much more.

• A divorce attorney’s experience can be of great benefit in helping you win child custody, spousal support amongst other things.

• They will handle all the paperwork on your behalf.

• Having a divorce attorney by your side will make the divorce less stressful for you.

You can clearly see that hiring and not hiring a divorce lawyer both have their perks. It is now up to you to decide whether you do need a divorce lawyer or not. Remember to thoroughly assess your situation before making a choice.