Eviction Free San Francisco Protests at the Home & Office of David McCloskey / Urban Green by Eviction Free SF

On June 7th, at 1pm, activists from Eviction Free San Francisco arrived at the home of David McCloskey, CEO of Urban Green Investments. They then proceeded to his office in the Marina, and continued the protest there in the midst of the Union Street Festival. They left a sign on his door: “Would you evict your grandparents?” It seems, by his actions, that he would.

David McCloskey of Urban Green Investments is currently Ellis Act evicting a 98-year-old woman from her home at 55 Dolores Street. Mary Elizabeth Phillips has nowhere else to go. Activists descended upon his home at 109 Alpine Terrace and his office at 1746 Union Street on Saturday the 7th, demanding that he rescind the eviction immediately.

McCloskey, CEO of Urban Green Investments, owns hundreds of units in San Francisco. Urban Green is a subsidiary of Cornerstone Holdings in Colorado, run by his millionaire father Tom McCloskey. David and Tom do not need more money. He does not need to evict Mary. He does not need to evict Mervyn Wong and his disabled mother who he cares for from 49 Guerrero Street.

Don’t let your neighbor evict elders and people with disabilities for profit. What kind of city pushes their elders on to the streets? We can stop this! As Mary says, “This has been my home for over 40 years and I don’t want to leave. . . I am just too old.” Hear her own words here: http://youtu.be/UqdwaaUK8LI

Urban Green Investments is a San Francisco Multi-family portfolio: 385 units over fifteen buildings. They recently purchased since October 2012: 130 unit multi-family portfolio in San Francisco and 40 TIC units in San Francisco. In July 2012 UGI picked up a 12-building multifamily portfolio for $38 Million cash from Prana Investments.
Urban Green Investments is involved in roughly 40 LLCs.