How to Find a Perfect Gift for Autistic Kid


Being a parent is a difficult enough job. It is often even more challenging to care for a member of the family suffering from autism. In this case, parents need to introduce the world to a very sensitive little person and this can sometimes be very complicated. This is why knowing an autistic child and getting them a gift is a task which one should approach with care and attentiveness.

One of the goals and challenges parents have includes detecting what triggers distress in the child. It could be little things, like a loud sound or strong lights. Taking this into consideration, you can eliminate a wide spectrum of toys and narrow it down to something specific and non-threatening.


Parents also have to control and oversee how their child plays and with what. This should be done in order to follow the child’s development and habits. Apart from getting to know the child better, this will help parents potentially protect their child from any future distress.

Autism affects how the child plays as well as their overall interests. Playing is also important because it helps the child develop communication and social skills, and problem-solving skills.

What has been found common in children with autism is that they tend to play with the same toys and most likely in a repetitive manner. This just indicates that they feel comfortable with a routine and let’s say a safe-zone.

kid painting


When getting toys for kids with autism one should know the child’s preferences or, at least, ask the parents for help.

These little ones like specific toys which arouse their senses. Toys which are colorful or really soft might be the perfect choice for them.


If they are visually stimulated consider getting them any sorts of motion lamps, lava lamps or toys with varying colors. Also, some children will enjoy toys which emit light. They will be especially happy if the light changes color from time to time.


On the other hand, if you come across a child who you know is more tactile think about getting them toys which will stimulate their sense of touch. Whether it be a soft teddy bear, massaging pillows or even slimy or putty toys. If they find it interesting to touch they will be excited. Just to make sure, try asking the parents which types of materials and fabrics do they think their child will prefer before actually buying it.

Solitary and Group Games

There’s also the case of having to buy a present for a slightly older child. If the child is, for example, already in elementary school where they interact with their peers you can consider games which are not solitary. The best toys for kids at this age are simple board games. These can be a great idea since they can practice with family members. These are helpful to develop social skills and also provide a sense of order which is crucial for these little ones.

Help them develop their skills by getting a board game which will be of specific interest to them and will urge them to play it more often.