Is Flavoured Hookah Harmful For Health?

With the advancement of technology, today, tobacco is not only smoked using cigarettes. Hookah is a modern pipe that is being used by many people worldwide to smoke flavored tobacco. The flavors that are commonly added to hookah are apple, chocolate, coconut, watermelon, and licorice.

Many users of Hookah especially in hookah lounge in Miami Beach try to differentiate cigarette smoking to using flavored hookah. Yes, the structure of the two are different as for the cigarette, you smoke tobacco direct, for hookah, it undergoes various processes for it to be smokable. For the hookah, the smoke also goes through water mixed with the flavor to be used and heated using charcoal.

However, the two are no different when it comes to the effects of tobacco on the body. Cigarette may be harmful and so is a flavored hookah.

Myths associated with flavored hookah smoking.

1. Hookah is not as addictive as cigarettes: Cigarettes and hookah both contain nicotine which makes them addictive. Nicotine is the chemical in tobacco responsible for addiction. After using hookah severally,you develop the urge to continue smoking it.


2. Smoke in the hookah is not harmful since it goes through water: The water in the hookah set up does not filter the toxin in the flavored hookah. You will still inhale all the chemicals including tobacco.

3. Cigarettes “burn” your lungs since you burn them using fire directly: The toxins in a hookah are also capable of destroying your lungs despite undergoing a long distillation process.
Chemicals found in a flavored hookah.

-Carbon monoxide.
-Formaldehyde etc.

These chemicals make it as harmful as smoking tobacco through cigarettes.

Immediate effects of flavored hookah are;

-Dehydration and lightheadedness: You will feel dehydrated and feel tipsy like in the case of alcohol or cigarettes.
-Coughing and Nausea: Especially for beginners, you may even end up vomiting any food you had eaten; however, this is not common.

Longterm effects of flavored hookah.

1.Complications of the functions of the lung.


The use of hookah for a long time may make your lungs weaker causing breathing issues such as bronchitis. It interferes with the heart features resulting in the failure of effective function of the heart.

2.Increased risk of heart disorders.

Heart attacks have been reported to occur in individuals who have abused flavored hookah for a long time — tobacco damages o many organs in the body including the heart.

3. Increase the risk of various cancers.

Flavored hookah has tobacco which is a leading cause of cancer in human beings. Smoking hookah puts you at risk of getting; lung, throat or mouth cancer. It makes the cancerous cells to grow fast in the named organs.

4.Premature aging of the skin.

By using flavored hookah, you reduced the amount of oxygen reaching your skin; this way; your skin starts getting wrinkles earlier than expected.

Whether you use flavors on hookah or fail to use them, hookah is as harmful as cigarettes. To remain healthy, you just have to avoid these tobacco products.