8 Surprising Things You Shouldn’t Recycle In Phoenix

Phoenix was considered to be the city that recycles less waste compared to other cities in the country. Phoenix residents then decided to step up for their city by educating themselves about recycling to improve the air quality and make it a sustainable city. However, to achieve this, they need to know what items should be recycled and those that shouldn’t be recycled.

If you are a Phoenix resident or you are planning to travel to Phoenix, it is important to know more about recycling. Below are eight surprising things you shouldn’t recycle in Phoenix.

1. Electronics

Electronics recycling in Arizona is not allowed due to the processes involved. They are made of different metals and glass that require a lot of energy to recycle to new ones.


The electronics include mobile phones, computers, televisions, and refrigerators. People are encouraged to buy new ones as the prices for electronics have gone down.

2. Pizza boxes

Pizza boxes should not be recycled. They contain food waste and oils that make it difficult to recycle them. Most of the food packaging containers can be recycled if there is no food or grease left on them. The grease and oils affect the quality of the cardboard.

3. Automotive waste

Most of the automotive waste in your garage cannot be recycled. They contain chemicals that will negatively affect the environment, or they will require a lot of energy to recycle. In Phoenix, it is important to handle automotive waste separately from normal waste. Some of the automotive wastes include car batteries, tires, and oils. For batteries, they contain high levels of acid that can cause a fire when mixed with other components.

4. Clothing and paper towels

Most people are not aware that they should not put clothing in the recycling bins. Clothes can easily get stuck in the recycling machines which can lead to breakdown and inefficiency.


If you have clothing that you do not wear anymore, you should give out or donate. Paper towels are not recyclable. After they have been used for a long time, the fibers become weak and not ideal for recycling. Paper towels are eco-friendly as they can easily decompose.

5. Plastic bags

Shopping or trash plastic bags cannot be recycled. They can cause damages to the recycling machine. It can be difficult to open all trash bags as the recycling bins are sorted manually. It is recommended that you use reusable bags for shopping and trash.

6. Construction materials

One of the largest wastes in Phoenix is construction materials. They include metal, paint, and ceramics. You should not put construction materials on the recycle bin. Recycling them can cause environmental and health dangers.

Recycling plays a crucial role when done correctly. Knowing what to put in the recycle bin and what to avoid, is essential. You will contribute to a good living and conducive environment for everyone in Phoenix. If you want to make Phoenix one of the top cities in the country, you need to understand the above information about recycling. The residents are encouraged to educate themselves about recycling through an app where one can earn rewards.