8 Key Elements of a Photography Website

In the current world, every business is working hard to attract more customers to assure a constant development of the business. Most business owners have turned to online marketing which has proved to be more effective than other modes of marketing.

Online marketing involves having a business website, photography is like any other business and therefore there is a need to have a photography website for effective marketing.

However, photography websites is entirely different from other websites as the website is made of photos with very little text. Below are the key elements of a photography website that will make your website attract high traffic.

1. A good web design.

If you don’t have a good website automatically, you will not receive high trafficking as your website will not have adequate exposure to the public.

closeup hand using phone taking landscape photo

A good website is not determined by how you frequently upload frequently to your website, in-fact minimalism is crucial as it shows expertise and transparency of the website hence attracting high traffic than an overloaded website.

2. Your brand.

Branding means having logos and banners for your website. Most people recognize your business through your logo, so however simple your logo looks it is a key element of your website.

It is a good character to be posting your logo on the headers and footers and not posting your brand into your website after a few seconds.

3. Social media.

Most photographers use Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Behance social media sites as these are the sites that meet most of their needs.Social media in your website is significant for sharing your content with the world. However social media should be properly used and know the right time to publish to attract more traffic to your site.

4. Product information.

The website owners should get to know the situation under which you created your photograph. However, the best way to do product promotion is by use of keywords in your website which the customers can search to arrive at your website.

5. Mobile optimization.

Most people in the world currently use smartphones to browse on the internet, so make your website easy for mobile optimization so that you can the mobile phone users can visit your website anytime they need.


You can do this by making a clear font and properly sized images which are friendly to mobile users.

6. Photo gallery.

Photos in photography website are the key assets for a photography website. Therefore, you should take much more time in making your portfolio page look more attractive as photos are your main aim.

7. Watermark protection.

In the current world, people have a tendency of getting benefits of other peoples to work. To avoid strangers getting advantage of your creative work you should watermark all the images and texts in your website. You can also put your logo on the bottom of every photo before you upload.

8. Blog.

No website that can communicate effectively if it is purely photos, there is a need for a blog. Blog explain your pictures and also gives ideas of how to capture good photos hence educating your web visitors as well.

A photography business is a business like any other and hence there is need to create a photography website to assist in marketing, to create a photography website that will bring positive significance you must pay attention to the above key elements of a photography website.