What is international health insurance?

International health insurance is a health insurance cover that provides coverage for people working or living outside their home country for a prolonged period probably a year or more. It targets individuals or family members who have dual residences or citizenship, expats, or multinational workers. Living in another country is exciting but pose potential unknown risks.

What International Health Insurance Covers

An international health cover gives a person the power to choose the best treatment facility or doctor to visit for medical purpose. It covers regular routine checkup or emergency cases. A person can receive treatment any place they prefer if it’s within the coverage.


International health is essential even to those people who have comprehensive medical cover in their home country. It does not matter if you are just visiting your home abroad frequently or spend much time on it. It helps a person mitigate many risks that can occur while you are in a foreign country.

Difference Between Travel Insurance and International Health Insurance

People usually confuse international health insurance and travel insurance cause both covers traveling outside the country. They are two different covers. Travel insurance covers for short term trips. It offers protection against travel-related issues. It covers loss of luggage, personal belongings or emergency medical treatment. Thus it differs hugely with international health insurance which is a longterm cover.

International health insurance is beneficial when you are in a country whereby you do not speak the national or official language. The cover ensures you receive quality and the best medical attention. A person does not have to know about the health system of the said country. All will be sorted out when you have the cover, even in an emergency case scenario.

Components of International Health Insurance

The common plan that the international health insurance covers are a hospital stay, choice of medical providers, a cover of pre-existing conditions, routine check-ups and the protection of chronic diseases. Those are compulsory plans that the insurance covers. Though on a premium level a person can customize what suits the needs of their families and them. The options are added to the compulsory plan. It helps provide the best cover for a person who requires special needs. The possibilities include out-patient treatment, repatriation, dental care, maternity care, and any other particular need.

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A worldwide health insurance shows how flexible its plan can be to accommodate ones special needs. It can also be tailored to be more affordable to someone depending on their financial capability. To reduce your premium payments a person can exclude the core plan or outpatient plan. Also, a person can alter the premium significantly by excluding some countries on the plan.

It is tempting for an expat to rely on the local insurance covers to reduce the cost of paying the premium amount on international health insurance. The problem arises when the local insurance cover does not meet the needs of the expat. Thus the expat will be provided for low-quality health services which is a risky situation. Depending on where you are moving to the medical cost can be expensive if you do not have a proper cover. Get yourself a customized plan that will cover all your medical needs.