Handmade vs. Machine-Made Jewelry

When you want to choose jewelry most of the time you want to pass some information, to tell others something or have a personal meaning. You have to always choose between handmade or machine made jewelry; each has its advantages and disadvantages depending on the purpose or the need of use. Let’s look at Handmade vs. Machine-Made Jewelry.

The type of occasion: perfection or personalization

Jewelry that is meant for a particular event is always made with the more attractive and elegant need in mind. Jewelry for special events such as engagements or a wedding party will still be created to suit the thyme of the day. In such case, a machine made jewelry will be more appropriate to use as they are made with more elegance to suit such social settings.

Machine-Made Jewelry

This does not completely mean that handmade jewelry will be inappropriate, handmade jewelry has a high personality compared to machine made products. Machine made jewelry is not made for a specific wearer but to appeal to many people, which makes it suitable to be used in a social setting. If you are those people who like to wearer personalized jewelry, then manmade jewelry will be best for you.

Jewelry gifts: uniqueness or the brand

Many people like to be gifted with jewelry, giving handmade gift jewelry like native american turquoise jewelry to your lover or friend will be more appealing as it will be unique or even made with some specific identification marks like his or her mane or favorite colors. It won’t be possible for them to find such jewelry on display something that will stand out to be unique to them.


In contrast, some people will value more if you give them a well know brand of jewelry, they will find pleasure in wearing a well-known brand than wearing unique jewelry that is not known. It is up to the buyer to do his or her research well to find out which one will be more appropriate according to the traits of the recipient.

The goodness of handmade jewelry

A piece of handmade jewelry is made by someone who has a great passion for doing what they are doing. When you purchase this kind of jewelry, you will be supporting their artwork and in the process encouraging them to produce more, on your side you will be buying something that is different with some particular unique traits that will make it outstanding among others. Machine made jewelry provides employment also, but it is not as much as a hand on a project idea that someone has to collect materials and site down to come up with his idea or style.

Why choose machine made jewelry

One most important reason is that the machine made jewelry is constructed in a much more reliable manner than handmade ones. The standards are always kept to meet the objectives of the customers.

The handmade ones have some risks such as connections coming loose, breaking, falling of pieces or sometimes or even the beads wearing down over time. The machine made jewelry is often made from harder metals and less malleable materials which make them more preferred.