5 Most Common Misconceptions About Hemp

Hemp products get confused with those from marijuana plants. As a result, many people have different beliefs that aren’t true about the product. Such misconceptions affect the marketing and use of hemp products. As a result, there is a need for all users to learn real knowledge of about hemp products.

In this article, therefore, we discuss misconceptions about hemp products and explain the reality. Some of the well-known mistakes include;

1. Hemp is Marijuana

The main misconception people make to claim that hemp is the same plant as the marijuana plant. Marijuana and hemp are two different types of cannabis sativa. It means that they are members of the same species but not the same plant. What makes them different is their cannabidiol content.


With the hemp plant, it contains approximately 0.3% of the THC. It also includes more of the cannabidiol what we call the CBD. The CBD content has more of health benefits and counteracts with the psychoactivity of the THC. On the other hand, marijuana contains from 5% to 20% of the THC. This compound releases the psychoactive effect that makes the user feel high. And this is what marijuana is known to give.

2. Hemp Products can Get You High

Some people claim that hemp will make the user feel high which is untrue. Unless you’re sensitive to low levels of THC, the levels in hemp are not enough to cause any psychoactive symptoms.

Instead of generating the psychoactive results, the high level of the CBD tends to block the effects. Therefore, smoking or eating hemp with an aim to get you high will be a disappointment.

3. There’s No Health Benefits with Hemp

Some people will tell you that plant has nothing positive to do with your health, but this is untrue. In the past, hemp has been a center of interest for medical practitioners for its healing power. The CBD content comes as a pain reliever and has advanced anesthetic properties. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. According to research, the CBD content is useful in controlling more than twenty extreme conditions. These include chronic pain, depression, and epilepsy among others.

4. Hemp is Just an Ingredient

Apart from being used as a foodstuff, the plant gets widely used in other fields such as medicine, the source of fuel, used as building materials and in replacing plastics. An excellent example is the Mercedes Benz Company that is using hemp-based alternatives for their less weight and biodegradable properties.

Marijuana crop

They do this to replace metals and plastics in cars and therefore increasing the fuel efficiency of their vehicles. Don’t ignore such facts as they show how versatile the hemp plants are for general use.

5. All Famers Can Plant Hemp Plants

You can legally buy hemp products online or from the nearest local store in most places in the US. However, not all states allow farmers to cultivate the plant at their homes. Also, the federal law recognizes all cannabis strains as schedule 1 drugs.

It means that most of the planting will take place under the research bodies and industrial hemp farming for research purposes.

There are various misconceptions people have about the hemp products. The above are among the most suggested ones. Now that you know the truths consider feeling free to use the product for all your medical, food, or recreation reasons without fear.