Does Wrestling Headgear Prevent Cauliflower Ear?

Cauliflower ear is a disorder on the pinna of the ear caused by trauma. If you are into wrestling matches, you might have experienced the condition at first hand, or you may have seen other wrestlers battle the condition. The condition occurs when the pinna of your ear experiences consistent blows.

Blood pools in the pinna and can result in a hematoma. Good news is that the condition is treatable should the symptoms be noticed early.

If you are a wrestling enthusiast, it is crucial that you get acquainted with the warning signs of cauliflower ear. You must check out for swellings and bruising before the blood pools in the pinna of your ear.


Thus, since protection is deemed better than cure, as a wrestler, it is advisable that you keep your headgear on during both training and the match. Putting on head guard is a protective measure since you will avoid direct punching on your year. In this article, I provide ways in which the head guard prevents cauliflower ears

1. Padding

You must understand that anyone who engages in contact matches can suffer the condition. Cauliflower ear will not look good on you since, when the condition takes roots it is irreversible. Thus, head guards are now made to feature a padding system that is impact absorbing.

While you receive blows on regions around your ear, the padding system absorbs the shock and distributes it so as the impact does not hit hard. Though lightweight, the padding is comfortable and soft offering a good hearing allowance.

2. Straps

Depending on the creativity of the manufacturer, head guards can have buttons or velcro strapping. These are adjustable to make them securely fit depending on your head size. It is advisable that the gear gets well secured around the head region and to the chin.


By this, when blows hit or when in motion, the gear remains intact not rubbing around the ears. Constant rubbing of the head guard around the ear may tamper with your hearing and, it may cause bruises when hit unprepared if the gear is not in place. Therefore, it gets recommended that you get a wrestling helmet that has multiple straps so as not to comprise your health and match.

3. Material

Headgears are designed to feature soft shell and the hard-shell materials depending on the user’s tastes. The soft-shell make features a soft rubber that is smooth and comfy and pauses no harm to the user or the opponent.

For the hard-shell, it is a hard-plastic model that is lighter and breathable. For both models, breathability and their impact absorption are highly enhanced to protect your ears.

If cauliflower ear is not tended for immediately, the condition gets hard to reverse. After the injury, the doctor makes an incision at the injured area to drain the flooded pinna. You must constantly check the ear since the condition may reoccur. An ear is a sensitive organ that requires care and protection. You do not want to lose your hearing which may consecutively affect your balance. It is time you take precaution by wearing your head guards if you are a wrestler. Play safe, play long.