How Can I Be Fashionable On A Tight Budget

Trying to be fashionable while on a tight budget isn’t impossible, though sometimes it might feel like that. There are ways that you can search for deals and save your money, even if you want to look good. Not everything has to cost so much, you can easily create your own knock-off outfits that look just like your favorite items.

Sometimes spending a great deal on certain items isn’t worth it either, why pay hundreds for a basic white t-shirt when you can get the same t-shirt for only a few dollars at a thrift store? Nobody would ever know the difference.

Don’t be above looking in second hand shops because here is where you can truly find a deal. Someone else might have had someone pass away, or be moving, there are many reasons why they might have cleaned out their closet, and they will drop donations off to thrift stores.


Going to these places and looking around can often bring great options that you otherwise would have never come across. Spending time to look around you can eventually find incredible deals that can help you to stay fashionable even when you don’t have much to spend. There is no reason to go spending thousands of dollars that cannot be afforded.

Looking online you can get some different ideas for what might be great staple pieces. This includes one great dress, one great shirt, or suit jacket, that is quality and going to last a long time. Something beautiful that can easily blend in with other pieces, which is a lot easier when it isn’t a pattern but is a solid color for the clothing piece. At times, for inspiration I will check over here to see some inspiration on ideas for how to keep it fresh.


Having someone to look to for style ideas who has a style that you admire can be a great way to get quick inspiration and find something fantastic to add to the wardrobe. There are many ideas online, you won’t run out of inspiration to be found there.

Helpful Tips

– Find one item that can be used over and over, this way you can create multiple outfits with one thing

– Buy quality so it is going to last, you don’t want to end up buying 10 pants or t-shirts because they continue to fail on you

– Get something you like, don’t buy the first thing that you see take your time and think about it for a few minutes or days

– Plan your outfits this can help you figure out what items you are missing in your wardrobe

When you have a really great pair of jeans, or a wonderful black dress, these can easily be paired with different shoes and accessories to be turned into different outfits. By investing in good solid pieces like that which you love, it is easier to try and stay fashionable but you are working with less.