5 Fun Team Building Activities in Boston

Boston is one of the most ancient cities in the US and serves as the capital of Massachusetts. It is largely popular as a meeting destination throughout the country. According to statistics, Boston hosts more than eighteen million business and convention travellers annually. It is a home of amazing experiences and hundreds of teams building activities. The greater Boston area has near the convention and exhibition centre has vast arrays of event facilities with over three thousand hotel rooms.

Here, you will have many team building activities for your corporate events ranging from competition to collaboration. Here is a look of five top best team building activities in Boston.

1. Charity Bike Build

This is the world best charitable team building activity. It involves helping to build and donate bikes to children who cannot afford to buy a bicycle. As you and your team get together armed with wrenches for creating the human-powered children’s bicycle, it improves the team spirit and corporation.


The fact that you are aiming to provide bikes to as many children as possible who have never got the privilege to own more gives you a purpose of working harder. You will be able to interdependently work with each team member at each step of the activity.

2. Escape the Room

You most probably heard of this activity but never tried it out. You will be presented with puzzles and challenges that are frustrating but enjoyable. Each escape the room boston, is crafted uniquely to improve your problem-solving skills in a challenging but fun environment for an hour. You will need to use your strategies and clues to escape the room in one hour.

If you manage to do escape, it will earn you a unique place among other people who have managed to crack the code. If you are looking for a unique team building activity, I would strongly recommend you try this one out.

3. Dining in The Dark

This activity involves having an excellent food dinner together as a team. This comes also incorporates inspiring music and stories that tie your bonds closer.


All of you are the guest, and you will only focus on the delicious dinner and each other. The dark dinner comes with lots of fun such as guessing the food you are eating and overcoming tabletop team building puzzles.

4. Clue Live Scavenger Hunt

Clue live scavenger is perfect activity in Boston city, resort or conference centre. The event involves treasure hunting, teamwork and mystery. The activity features ten city blocks, six weapons and six suspects. A perpetual victim referred to as Mr Boddy has been murdered and the only idea for your team of detectives is that the murder has occurred roughly at that time as the body is still warm.

Each team will have to work together in finding the murder suspect as each person has a dirty secret. The team that completes the puzzle takes the glory of solving a tough task.

5. Day at The Museum

This is a great combination of team building, culture and fun. The activity presents a customised team building challenge that will have a positive impact on team bonding and interaction. Your team will be divided into groups and each team provided with a map that leads you to clues located in the museum. With the many turns, twists and brain challenging teasers along the way, the team will have a fantastic adventure in the museum. The event is perfect at any time of the year.


Team building events are essential in getting your team unified and energised. Other more indoor and outdoor activities make Boston be a historic city and the best meeting destination. You