The Best Store-Bought Party Appetizers

You will agree with me that one of the best parts of a party is the appetizers and the drinks. A collection of the best store-bought party appetizers will keep your guests entertained as they wait from the main dish.

Whether you are vegetarian or gluten-free appetizers are your favorite; you will not be left out. This list has a compilation of healthy and various store-bought greekappetizers and greek entress. How would a Mediterranean inspired party go without these appetizers?


This is a gluten-free almond cookie that is very popular among the Greeks. Amygdalota is the ideal accompaniment for a cup of coffee. This cookie will hardly miss in a Greek family and social gatherings.


The ingredient used to make Amygdalota may vary based on the location, but the main ingredient in all regions is almonds.

Feta Me Meli

This is a Greek delicacy that can serve as entrée or dessert. It is made by wrapping Feta in filo pastry which is later baked in the oven and honey is tricked over the Feta.

The resultant is an exciting tasting delicacy balancing the sweet honey and the salty feta.


Loukoumades are small golden puffs that are prepared from fried dough showered with walnuts, sweet syrup and cinnamon. This Greek donut is delicious with a fluffy inside and a crispy covering.


Pasteli is a Greek delicacy prepared from sesame seeds and honey. They are the earliest power bars in Greece. Beside the sesame seeds and honey, it includes various nuts such as almonds, walnuts or pistachios to create a variety of pasteli.


They are best served with tea. You can also use them as lunchtime snacks, candies or energy boosters.


Tiropita is also referred to as “Greek cheese pies”. They are common among the Greeks as mid-day snacks or as starters. Tipopitas are prepared in different sizes and shapes. Mainly feta cheese is used to prepare Tiropita, though other types of cheese can be used. Olive oil and butter are also used to make this delicious dish.

Yiaourti Me Meli

Yiaourti Me Meli merely means honey and yogurt. It is fit as a dessert or for breakfast. It’s simple filler with a smooth sweet taste and rich in proteins.

Yiaourti Me Meli is a combination of walnuts, honey and Greek yogurt. A mix of these ingredients results in a fantastic taste.

Spinach Pies

The spinach pies are also known as a spanakopita. You will easily find them in Greek groceries mainly in the freezer section. Your guests will be impressed by this phyllo dough delicacy.

Nut Mixes

Nut mixes are an excellent way of starting you the party. You can make it more appealing by making it a fruit-and-nut-mix. Nut mixes are readily available in most supermarkets.


They are an ideal accompaniment for cold, crispy beers, soft cheese or red wine.

Cheese straws

Though cheese straws appear simple, they are a classic snack with a savory flavor. They are available in most local stores and are an inexpensive appetizer. Your guest will appreciate their crisp, cheesy flavor.

Mini Quiches

These are tiny appetizers with a savory ingredient like cheese and ham. You will find them in most supermarkets in the freezer section. Your guests will love their amazing taste.

You can share your thoughts on your favorite best store-bought party appetizers.