What Are The Rules For Tennis

Tennis originated in England and is now played in almost all countries around the world. This article provided you with some basic tennis rules that you need to be aware of as a beginner; they can help you to inject competitive spirit in you to become a significant gamer.

First-person to serve

This is a common question when it comes to tennis sport, who serves first? One to serve first is simply devised by a simple toss of a coin. An individual that wins the coin toss is the one who will be selected to be the first or chose the side he or she likes to receive his or her first opponent serve.

Double faults and fault

Each server is given 2 chances to serve the tennis within the court serve area. In case the served ball fails to get into the diagonal service court on the opposite side, it is referred to as a fault serve. Double fault happens when the player who is serving fails to do so for the second time, and the receives gets awarded a point for that case. These are important tennis instruction to follow


A net serves when the ball hits the nest and falls within the service court.When serving, the server is supposed to be on the right side of the service baseline and hit the ball across diagonally to the receiver.

Counting scores

Counting scores is not a simple task in tennis. The announcement of the scores starts with the scores of the server throughout the game. The tennis point system is given in the following format.

Zero scores = love

One point scored is equivalent to 15 points

Two points scored is equal to thirty points


3 points earned is equal to 40 points

Four points earned is equivalent to set points, set over

These are tennis points that you need to be aware of.